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Now that I’ve got this wonderful software, what step do I take now to Create a Channel on Roku?

Have you recently purchased TVBOSS and suddenly realized that you had NO IDEA what steps you need to take next to create your TV Channel on Roku?

My name is Glen Rushing and I faced that same issue when I purchased TVBOSS in November 2018. I had NO idea where to start or where I was going to end up! I spent many many hours trying to figure out all the ins and outs of how to create my first Roku Channel. I must confess, all that research did not come without losing a lot of sleep. BUT, I persevered and was finally able to get my first Roku channel created and actually approved by Roku. I confess it didn’t happen without a whole lot of mistakes which I had to figure out how to correct.

Help has arrived!

The good news is while I was learning, I kept a lot of notes to use as reminders. I found it difficult being able to remember all the steps that must be followed to be successful in creating a Roku Channel. I have come up with an easier solution for you. I have created a very detailed Roku Channel Guide which will take you through ALL the steps that need to be taken to get that Roku Channel submitted and ONLINE so everyone can see your creation on their Television.

This Guide is only a 4 page PDF file, but I took the time to list and document EVERY single detail which you need to follow to be successful in creating your Roku Channel and without the HOURS and HOURS of making mistakes and getting frustrated. IF you follow all my steps in this Guide and DON’T skip any, you will be able to finish the job much, much sooner!

My Roku Channel Guide is available from this site for just $19.95. A very small price to pay so you can move on and get your Channel created.

NOTE: As this is a PDF file, I will offer NO REFUNDS for this purchase. Should you have ANY issues in paying and downloading your purchase OR with issues after your purchase, PLEASE don’t PANIC, I am almost always available in the FB Group and you can reach me by submitting a Contact Us form on this website and I’ll resolve any issues you MAY have. Thanks and I HOPE this Guide is a tool you can use.

ONLY $19.95

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